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Vernadsky and Kant: searches for humanistic concept of a science

The psychological factors of technical creativity

The personal factor in scientific and technical creativity




The methodological analysis of a problem of chemical evolution

Stages of evolution of ecological thinking

The humanistic concept of engineering and technical progress in works of  Vladimir Vernadsky




The factor of time and law of development of natural sciences

A.L. Chizhevsky and philosophy of Russian "cosmizm"

Global - ecological ideas in works of the large chemists of the end VIII - beginning XX of century




Evolutionary paradigm in a modern science




Chemical-technological activity and biosphere




Patriotic potential of a history of a science

Etudes on ecology. A polemic note




Philosophy " of common business ": Nikolay Fedorov in light of the ethnic conflicts and spiritual thinking of modernity

Mentality and problem of marginality

Ecological education of pupils and problem of humanization of educations

The professor Viktor P. Galushko: marks of life and creativity

Ecological education: experience of the Dnepropetrovsk area




Contemporary questions of dialogue of cultures on Ukraine

Mentality of crisis sosaety from the point of view of sinergetic

Teaching of bases of ecology at school

Organizational questions of ecological education

Ecological education in Dnepropetrovsk region




Sinergetic and culture

Cosmism of Decart

Cosmism of Decart and modern cosmology

education as orientation to integrity of cultural experience

About the contents of humanitarian education

Specificity and functions of humanitarian education

Nonutilitarian  pragmatism as the purpose of humanitarian education

Social - ecological imperative and engineering education

Intelligency and intelligence

The environment imperative and technical creativity

Specificity and sense of humanitarian education




Features of the Euroasian Revival

Point of view about  historical education: functions, levels, contents

about  historical education

Dialectic of of self-denial of culture




Philosophical problems of environmental education

Environmental crisis and problems of time

Technocracy as other-being of culture

" New  rationalism " as a means of overcoming of reductionism

Kant and Laplas: the comparative analysis of the cosmogonic concepts (to 275 from birthday of Kant and 250 from birthday of Laplas).

translation from English the Presidential speech of  J.R. Partingron " Chemistry as rationalized alchemistry " in the British history of science foundation with  commentary by Smotrytskyy

Ecology and Dialectic

About the contents of humanitarian education

The economic person as the purpose of education - not alternative

Neolaplasian determinism and synergetic




Humanitarian and natural science styles of thinking: unity and discrepancy

The Nebularian hypothesis of Kant-Laplas: the comparative analysis

Evolution of ecology as scientific discipline

Principia   of falsification of  Popper-Lakatos: heuristic value




Scientism and technocracy as the modern form of  the  fetish consciousness and reductionistic methodology

Historical education: functions and levels

The conflict of duties of values and purposes: quality of education and image of life




Some sociological aspects of perception of the information about an environment in Ukraine.

Sexual discrepancies in the attitude to a problem " ecology and health "

The moral conflict: the reasons and forms, way of the warning and overcoming

About teaching of natural science disciplines

Science in the modern world

Transformation of consciousness

Mentality and problem of  marginality in modern Ukrainian society

Globalization and lumpenisation: social roots of criminality

Distinguished   chemists about problems of ecology

The ecological imperatives of engineering activity

The nature, culture and ecological problem

About Specificity  of  teaching of humanitarian education

Historical consciousness as the purpose of historical education




Whether the Internet is necessary to school?

translation from English the Presidential speech of  J.R. Partingron " Chemistry as rationalized alchemistry " in the British history of science foundation with  commentary by Smotrytskyy

The review of the book.: Svetlana Shmaley.
The ecological personality.- Kiev, 1999.

Science in the modern world

Globalization and lumpenisation: social roots of criminality




Circuits on philosophy: ethics, axiology, outlook

The man. The woman. Family.




Dialectics of selfnegation of culture in a technogenic society




About universal values and belief

The subject of history during a globalization epoch




World outlook etudes: 1. Refugees. 2. Universal values and belief. 3. The subject of history during a globalisation epoch




Henri Bergson about the nature of morals and a global call

The course concept "Philosophy for children"

Leo Tolstoy as the moralist

Transport: the attempt to do a philosophical reflexion




1995 - 2003


Whether " Zenon paradox " and much another (will be intellectual club in Dnepropetrovsk?)

Whether we shall hear shout (review of performance Mikhail Melnik "A Gate in paradise")

Spiritual readings (About lectures Andrey Kuraev in Dnepropetrovsk)

Essay about democracy



Essay about humanism




Fairy tale  

Spiritual change

Education as sphere of services (from the American experience)

The ecological crisis  is ontologically predetermined: so the world is arranged

What such consciousness (concerning a conference on a theme " Political consciousness in modern Ukraine ", Kiev, April, 2000)

Democracy with the inhuman person (Concerning a conference on a theme " Social problems in modern Ukraine ", Kiev, June, 2000)

" Where the wind blows "
 ( About national idea)

Essay about love

Essay "Friendly about jealousy"

Essay about treason

Essay about virginity

To find continuation itself (Essay about friendship)

Microessay " Secret of life "

Microessay "Time"

Why I am afraid of the generically modified products

Such uncomfortable space


Threefold anniversary (To 60 of the professor Pavel Egorov

How I was treated from an pneumonia in America

Up to the Internet it is necessary to grow. Morally!

Essay about the teacher and schoolboy

Philosophical miniatures.
 Secret. Time.

Philosophical miniatures. A dog, the person, mankind, the machine, the Earth, game.

Philosophical miniatures. The god, culture, values.

About sense of life

Essay about family and a marriage




Fools and hunters of fools




I feel me as the invalid




What is The Ukrainian teacher afraid?

Innovations and remakes: metamorphoses of education

Problems of an independent testing of knowledge

The Olympic Games of schoolboys: it is not a separator for "cream", but an  "yeast" for education

Interactive technologies at school: introduction of innovations or capture of a segment of the market

Vasiliy Suhomlinsky: to the 90 anniversary from the date of a birth

The ideal teacher

A spectre (to the next anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution)




Not only by bread (About wages for teachers)


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