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Born in 1959, Solonoe (Ukraine).

19761981 ::: Diploma of Chemistry. Dnepropetrovsk State University.

19811988 ::: Institute of Transport Engineering, Dnepropetrovsk. Department of Chemistry, Junior research worker. 

19881991 ::: Postgraduate study at Center for Scientific and Technological Potential and Science History Studies, National Academy of Science of Ukraine (STEP Center), Kiev.

1992 ::: Candidate (Ph.D.), Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kiev. The theme: The philosophical analysis of chemical-technological activity and its consequences for environmental.

19922002 ::: Teacher / tutor / senior tutor / assistant professor at different educational institutions (philosophy, history, economy), Dnepropetrovsk.

19971998 ::: International Renaissance Foundation ((Dnepropetrovsk Department). Coordinator of education block.

1999 ::: Visiting Scholar in History Department of University of Arizona (sponsored by prof. Doug Weiner, 520-621-1586), USIA Regional Scholar Exchange Program administered by ACTR/ACCELS.

14.08.2002 ::: Resettlement to the Germany.

20022004 ::: I learned German in different language courses. Test DaF Zeugnis.

20032006 ::: Books translation.


1994 - "International fund Vidrodzhennja" (Fund of J. Soros) - for preparation of the textbook on philosophy of protection of an environment.

1999 - USA (USIA, Regional Scholar Exchange Program administered by ACTR/ACCELS, The Kennan Institute, and NCEEER) - scientific training at University of Arizona, Tucson city, 09/1999 - 12/1999.

2001 - Embassy of USA in Ukraine - for participation in 5 International symposium on philosophy of chemistry and biochemistry, the Great Britain, University of Loughborough.

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